Pioneer Space Sim – a game of lonely space adventure

Pioneer is an open source remake of the classic Frontier: Elite II but the developers are taking it to the next level by continuously updating and adding new features.

The project was founded by Tom Morton, a developer known for reverse engineering FE2 to allow OpenGL rendering. Most of the team and contributors behind Pioneer have a history with FE2 which makes the project kind of an ongoing love letter to the classic game.

Notable features:

  • A scripting system for adding new features and custom systems
  • An entire galaxy with billions of locations to explore and see
  • Trading and combat
  • Realistic physics including orbital mechanics
  • Free and open source

Download Pioneer here


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Curb Your Anxiety with Quirk

Quirk is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app designed to combat depression, anxiety and stress. The app is open source and the company is backed by YCombinator. CBT has 40 years of solid research behind it and Quirk aims to make treatment more accesible with an app available on iOS and Android.

In the app, users record their anxiety inducing thoughts and then identify any distortions that may be keeping them from thinking clearly. Next the user can confront the thought with reasons why that thought may be illogical. By taking a step back and observing their own thought process with the app, users will gradually be able to perform this exercise on their own and be able to navigate life without getting caught in anxious thought loops.


Download Quirk here

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MS Paint IDE

MS Paint IDE allows you to turn Microsoft Paint into a development environment that is full of features and supports multiple languages. Classes are saved in image files and can be parsed, highlighted, compiled and executed like normal.

Notable features:

  • Currently supports Java, Go, Python and JavaScript
  • Git support
  • Customizable themes
  • Google Assistant support
  • Discord remote procedure call support
  • Language Server Protocol support for adding custom languages
  • Uses a custom Optical Character Recognition system for parsing code from images

Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting project I have ever encountered on Github

MS Paint IDE website


Developed by Adam Yarris

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The OpenToonz project was launched by Dwango to provide an open source 2D animation solution to the world. It is based on a program called “Toonz” that was developed by Digital Video in Italy and customized by Studio Ghibli.

Notable features:

  • Open Source
  • Cross-platform
  • Vector and bitmap tools
  • Scan and vectorize drawings with ease
  • Create particle effects on multiple layers
  • Automate tasks with ECMA-compatible scripting engine
  • Synchronize animation to video footage with motion tracking tools

Download OpenToonz here*

Download OpenToonz Morevna edition here


*Requires a PC, download links won’t appear on mobile

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Listmonk – The Best Open Source Mailing List Manager

If you’re interested in hosting your own mailing list manager you should check out Listmonk.

Developed by Kailash Nadh, Listmonk provides a lightweight, high performance solution built with Go and React. The dashboard is slick and easy to read and the features currently available are enough to compete with similar applications.

Notable features:

  • Write ad-hoc SQL queries for targeted campaigns
  • Create multiple mailing lists
  • Create templates
  • APIs available for automating actions such as bulk importing and synchronisation from external apps
  • Open source

Download Listmonk here

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Recently Google launched fuchsia.dev to document their new open source operating system. It is currently speculated that Fuchsia OS will be the natural successor to Android and Chrome OS because it is using a microkernel designed to scale for any application context called Zircon. With the ability to run on ARM and x86 architecture, Zircon will allow Fuchsia to be compatible with legacy applications and many devices. I think the fact that the project is open source and already has documentation means that Google is interested in being as transparent as possible and respecting the privacy of their user base going forward.


Zircon info

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Free software: youtube-dl

youtube-dl is an open source command line client for downloading videos from YouTube as well as a large variety of other sites.

The documentation is easy to navigate and kept up to date. My favorite part is that it supports downloading playlists and many other features that similar programs will try to nickel and dime you for.

The program is cross-platform, public domain and maintained by a dedicated team of developers in addition to community volunteers.

If you don’t mind the lack of a GUI, youtube-dl is a solid solution for downloading videos.

Download youtube-dl here

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